Deus Ex Machina 2

Oh god. I’ve put a lot of words on the internet in forums and I realise I’ve never actually put anything down here about my admiration for the stuff Croucher was doing in the Eighties. I’m not going to do that now as it’s far more worthy of a post of its own. However, whilst googling for a line from the script to Deus Ex Machina earlier (don’t ask!) I stumbled upon this.

Unlike certain UK-centric folks and their want to claim importance in the UK games scene (yes, you, Langdell), Croucher really was a pioneer. As I’ve said many times, the stuff a lot of the nu-arterati think they’re pioneering? Bollocks. Croucher got there first and with a far more pleasingly anarchic bent. A true auteur and a brilliant, brilliant mind. And y’know, he never really went away – columns in Computer Shopper for many a year and it would seem a thriving web design/marketing business are fine and dandy but there’s something a bit special to me about the thought of Croucher returning to games. And with Deus Ex Machina 2? Oh yeah, please.

Aside from teasy teasing us with scant information, there’s a wonderful archive of original material from Deus Ex Machina: The First on the site to rummage through – design sketches, the complete soundtrack, outtakes from the soundtrack (getting to ask Frankie Howerd “could you be more evil?” being the highlight there) and some cracking recent interviews.

First officially exciting news of 2010, right there. And if Croucher is returning to games? Fuck it, you lot might as well pack your bags and go home. Yes, you – arthouse mob. Go home.

Did you know…

When someone releases a game and they put a price tag on it, it’s perfectly fine to sit there and think to yourself “woof, that’s a bit out of my price range currently”. That happens. I know, it happens to me often. What I don’t do though is come out with something along the lines of “fucking hell, $15 – it should be $10” because, well, that’s not fucking right y’know? The world doesn’t revolve around me and so I try not to attempt to make it revolve around me because things just don’t work like that.

Why should it be $10? Because you said, random internet person?

It’s one thing to think something is overpriced, it’s another thing entirely to demand a price reduction.

I don’t walk into John Lewis or Asda and demand they change the price on something. For a start, they wouldn’t and I don’t think I’ve got any right to expect them to either. I don’t walk up to the counter assistant and say “I want this for £5” and when they don’t hand it over for that threaten to steal it. But then, that’s out there isn’t it? That’s outside. Without the anonymity that the internet provides where we’re responsible for our actions to a far more real degree.

Yes, I’m ever so slightly annoyed by the pissing and whinging over VVVVVV’s price tag. Actually, not just VVVVVV – I think the first time I really noticed it was when Audiosurf was due to drop out of beta and woah, the forum was filled with this sort of grasping idiocy and “if this isn’t free, I’ll totally pirate it” attitude and it stinks of just one thing to me – control. I’m never happy with people who want to control things. At least, not in that way. Not in ways that are potentially hurtful. Call me crazy but I’ve never managed to hold with the “world owes me something” attitude.

So folks, if you don’t want to pay a certain amount of money for something, don’t. That’s cool. Wait till it drops in price in a sale, if you’re going to pirate it anyway – just do it and stop trying to leverage that as a threat because it’s almost as empty as me saying I’m going to bop you on the nose via the medium of the internet. If you’re not going to buy it full stop nor pirate it, fair enough. Just please, quit with the control stuff.

It’s ugly.