Sunday Linky Sunday

Time to start getting back on track with this here blog methinks, so here’s a (“half a” due to restricted net access) weeks worth of essential reading from other fine places on the ol’ interweb.

Why The Industry Shouldn’t Rely On Metacritic – more timely than ever considering the recent announcement by MS that games will live or die via critics.

The Trouble With Demos – scarily, I’ve never quite got my head around *why* people don’t understand the value of a good demo. You’d almost think they don’t want me to cough up the cash. Interestingly the article uses Timeshift, one of the most colossally cock demos I’ve ever had the misfortune to wade through, as an example of how not to do it. Words of fine wisdom contained herein.

An Interview with The Balrog – Gnome does it again with some Zenobi loving. A fine interview from a fine interviewer and the finest of subjects.

What is the world coming to? – Help me Mrs Medlicott, I don’t know what to do. I’ve only got 3 bullets and there’s 4 in Motley Crue. Seriously. You people are giving Motley Crue money? Are you mad?

Pixeljunk Eden – Where design wankery meets games. And not in a depressing way for a change.

Red Fish, Green Fish, Blue Fish – SHARK! – Handy handheld DIY gaming.

I Miss Color – Having recently made attempt #2 at playing through Gears Of War and finding myself plummeting to new depths of depression as a result (partly through awful game and partly through having never seen quite so many shades of grey in my life) I can’t help but nod in agreement. But then, I’m right behind the Blue Skies In Gaming campaign too…

Difficulty Difficulties – More “make easy easy” shenanigans. “Well I started off with good intentions and ended up cursing and calling people jerks (Sorry Puzzle Quest makers), it happens.” – I know that feeling well…

Inno Vation – Tim reports on a new Omega game. Internet rejoices. Probably.

RPS review Smileys Shooty Adventure so I don’t have to – My short review anyway. Better than Everyday Shooter, not as good as Grid Wars – not quite “out there” to be amongst the gods but definitely worth a punt.

More Clueless XBLA Decisions

XBox Live - What in fucks name are Microsoft playing at?

The latest interview published with Marc Whitten, general manager of XBox Live is quite frankly, fucking scary.

There’s been a lot of complaints over Microsofts recent handling of one of the Xbox360’s greatest assets and rightly so. The decision to cut royalty rates is a poor one, especially given the cost of getting your game through cert. The rumoured handling of potential arcade releases another. The colossal fuckwittery of the current interface for browsing games (and as a knock on effect – sustaining sales of a game) the icing on the cake.

But hey, fear not because just when you think they can’t possibly fuck something up more…

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