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Redpoint: On Pause

It’s quite unsettling just how perfectly Redpoint soundtrack looking out of the window on a damp, overcast, day in 1981.

It’s the music of grey days, of so many hopes, dreams and wishes. Of boredom, longing for something – anything – to happen and of escape to somewhere, someplace else. And in 2020 of wistful stares and decades of regrets, acceptance and gladness. Gladness for choices made, for distance, for time passed and time spent. For not looking out the same window on the same grey, damp, overcast day.

Impossibly haunting stuff.

Soundcloud for more really quite wonderful Redpoint music.

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5 Doctor Who / Kids Cartoon Crossovers Waiting To Happen

  1. Sergeant Ben 10
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Terileptils
  3. Pinky And The Brain Of Morbius
  4. Sylvester McCoy And Tweety Pie
  5. SpongeBob Scarothpants
Nonsense Rob On Stuff

Top 5 Forgotten 90’s Mascot Games

  1. Bunberry Bee in Axolotl Antics
  2. Steve The Shaved Weasel Strikes Again
  3. Treasure Island Trevor
  4. Sausages The Rat
  5. Arthur Cat: Death Cult