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Death Ray Manta, Switch. Out now.

Honestly, words can’t easily express just how made up I am that this is a thing and it only took *checks notes* a whole lot of effort from a bunch of really good people who probably don’t know how much this has brightened a miserable year. So nothing much then.

But yes! Thalamus Digital (sorry, there’s no white box/Oli Frey art) have only gone and pressed some buttons and you can actually buy Death Ray Manta on the Switch right now.

It’s got an incredible synthpop soundtrack from Oh Stevie (listen/buy it here), a couple of quality of life adjustments by Andy (who built the guts of the original and who made all this stuff happen alongside Thalamus) and, of course, that wonderful painting from one of the legendary Pickford Bros, Ste Pickford. What a team! I still can’t quite believe it.


I am totally made up. Proper chuffed. It’s also been a reminder that I might be naff with UI in just about every respect but I can’t half make the videogame bits look incredible. It really sings on the big tele!

Once again, massive thanks to the other Andy at Thalamus Digital for looking after the game and, of course, to everyone who bust a gut to make it happen. And to you, dear reader! Because you’re great too.

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