Monthly Housekeeping

Hi, I’m Rob. I write and write about videogames, and other things I enjoy.

You can find my games business / culture related writing on this very site. I also talk about me, films, music and whatever else springs to mind. Also, the odd nonsense post because why not.

You can find me talking about the games, games writing and game related stuff I enjoy on Take This Machine, I keep it separate because I want somewhere unrelentingly positive. It makes me happier.

I’m currently on a Twitter sabbatical as my health isn’t what it was and Twitter stresses me out. My main Twitter account is currently where you can get notified straight away when I write words anywhere, or have any other announcements.

I run No Man’s Pics on Twitter which is a feed of screenshots from Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. Alongside Proteus and Space Giraffe, it’s one of the most beautiful videogames.

I do have an account on Mastodon.Social where I’m pretty active. I find the addition of content warnings, lack of adverts and the inability to quote tweet makes for a more comfortable experience.

I write videogames, with sterling assistance from people vastly more talented than myself. Our last PC release is the Minter-esque arena shooter, Death Ray Manta. The Switch version is published by Thalamus Digital.

By RobF

Hello! Thanks for reading. If you've enjoyed the words I write, please consider contributing to my Patreon or dropping me a donation. I'm only able to afford the time to write thanks to the kindness or the community and every penny is gratefully received and spent wisely. You can also buy my latest solo videogame, Death Ray Manta on Steam if you like flashing lights at yourself.