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What’s Important?

One of the things I’m realising since fucking off most social media apart from my little corner on Mastodon is just how much I’d lost the ability to clearly differentiate between “something that requires a bit of a shrug, maybe a tut or something” and “okay, this needs addressing”.

Like, I knew it was becoming a problem for me, that’s part the reason I absolutely had to step away. I really didn’t like what that made me. I don’t have the energy to be constantly reacting to something, doubly so when there’s a lot happening without trivial nonsense or gossip.

And, you know, it does take time away from stuff that needs a bit more thought put into it. That’s no good to anyone right now.

It’s been a bumpy ride so far, I’ve slipped up a couple of times. Just wanted to put this note here so that if you’re wondering why I’ve deleted a post or something, it’s because it’s a howler that’s totally failed the “who even gives a shit, bloody hell, give it a rest” test and I’m trying to avoid that.

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