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…and not a moment too soon

It likely hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that I’ve been having a bit of a rough time of it lately and I’m slowly trying to clean up my online existence a bit so it’s tolerable again (for me and anyone who has to put up with me).

Which, you know, in 2020 is not the easiest. I’ve largely walked away from Twitter because the perpetual hell noise from the bad people is more than I can bear. I do kinda miss the good people and the cat pictures but the balance has been out for a while.

You can find me over on Mastodon still, mind. I’m a lot more comfortable there than I have been on Twitter for a long time. Also, having content warnings embedded into posts is such a necessary thing in these more interesting times.

And oh, those interesting times are keeping me on my toes life wise. There’s a lot going on, a lot getting me down and a lot of time taken doing stuff I begrudge having to do. That’s as well as my usual health, caring and family stuff. Money’s tight thanks to shielding and everyone being at home, it’s all just really so very 2020 and then some. I’m not surprised it’s wrecking my head but it is wrecking my head.

And the online stuff is, well, I’d hit a bit of a funk (to put it politely). Whilst I’ve been enjoying picking up on writing about good things in games, this place has been something I’ve been intensely unhappy with for a long while. Mainly because it’s been an intensely unhappy place for a while.

Whilst MCV didn’t pluck the nickname “The Godzilla Of Grumbling” for me out of thin air, this place has felt like somewhere that’s predominantly writing about bad things and not much else to break it up. It’s not that there haven’t been good reasons for this on occasion but it’s all a bit overwhelming, really. You’d think I got no joy out of anything when even allowing for the stress, pain and depression 2020 heaps on me, I do enjoy things still, I do spend plenty of time giggling at stuff. It’s just not reflected here.

Partly it’s down to me having my head down the videogame toilet for too long and not treating it like the toxic waste it is. Turns out, it doesn’t half mess stuff up.

Partly it’s down to Twitter making it easy to just post something flippant or nice on there instead which would be fine if Twitter wasn’t perpetually drowning nice words, nice things, nice people and any enjoyment with a dollop of hate.

And partly because it’s been so long, I’ve almost forgotten how.

I know I’m repeating myself a bit (a lot?) here so apologies for that but really, it’s all got rather from and well, something must be done. Just because I’m depressed doesn’t mean I need to be miserable.

So. Changes.

I’m keeping my “say nice things about videogames” corner where it is and continuing to broaden what I post there by talking about stuff other people are doing because other people are doing great things.

Here? I’m going back to this place being a bit more freewheeling again. It’s been “bad things about videogames” corner and no. Just no.

That’s not to say I won’t be talking about the more serious side of things, just other things too. Books, comics, things on the internet that I enjoyed. You know, you could call it a weblog, or blog for short. It might even catch on.

It’s all a bit “be the change”, you know? I want to keep Take This Machine as it is because it’s a part of the web that makes me happy but largely, I miss elements of the web before everything got siloed through social media and there’s nothing stopping me doing that stuff for myself.

Oh, not that I expect they’ll see much use but I’ve turned comments back on. I turned them off because talking about the bad side of videogames brings out the bad people and I got sick of dealing with that. More than likely this place being anywhere someone wants to leave comments on is long in the past but hey ho.

So yeah, change my dear, and not a moment too soon.


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Have a nice comment! I enjoy reading this blog and have found it valuable even during the times when it’s been fully mired in the videogames-are-a-bad-toilet discourse. But I’m definitely onboard with you moving away from that as a general topic (and it’s one I myself am trying not to *permanently* mash my face into) so hooray.

I’m guessing you have some kind of metrics that let you know people are actually visiting and reading this blog, but I’m writing this anyhow, just to confirm that yes we are reading it and no we’re not all bots and yes we do still enjoy a good Death Ray Manta from time to time and no we’re not cross that there haven’t been a billion sequels

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