Few short things I’ve forgotten to mention on here recently. I wrote a piece for Eurogamer about Steam closing Greenlight down and replacing it with Steam Direct.

It’s fairly positive despite me knowing pretty much most of the downsides. I think that unlike when Valve launched Greenlight, they now have a better idea of the repercussions that come with the territory. I’m sure they’d like less hassle from some of the arse end of publishers as much as I’d like them sidelined too as well as plenty of other potential issues. So there is that to consider.

There’s also the small point that there clearly is going to be a fee. I would be surprised if under the hood of Steam was prepared to deal with the surge in titles that would come with Steam as open, it’s easy to suggest that they ‘just do an itch.io’ but itch is built from the ground up and has little legacy stuff to deal with. Steam, not so much.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the fee disappear entirely over time but not yet.

So that’s the angle I approached this from. I don’t for a second envision a time where the ‘I want it all to myself’ fringe get their way with a 5k fee or, indeed, a stupid high fee in the first place. It seems counter to Valve’s direction and intent to institute such a thing (never mind the other, rather well trodden, stuff).

Thanks as ever to Eurogamer for giving me a long leash on this stuff. It’s a tough subject to tackle at the best of times, doubly so when there is so much FUD around things as there is with Greenlight. I appreciate the leeway I get to work through this stuff under good editors.

I also popped a few comments along for Ben’s piece on Steam Spy over at PCGamesN.

I gather I wasn’t the only person to submit rather lengthy quotes so it’s quite a piece all told. Steam Spy is, well I don’t have a good relationship with it, really. I found I had to block and mute the Steam Spy account on Twitter because terrible analysis brings me out in hives and it is a hive of bad analysis. And graphs.

Long term readers will be aware that I banned graphs a while back. For the sake of all of us, really.

Unpacking all my thoughts on Steam Spy is a post on and of itself but I’m generally of the opinion that whatever benefits it has are outweighed by both the presentation of the numbers on the site and pretty much all accompanying analysis that comes from there which is uniformly terrible in just about every respect.

I’m a big fan, me. Can you tell?

Plus, well, like I say in the piece – I was tempted to remove DRM from Steam Spy shortly before the dude decided that no-one had a choice of a say in the matter. I am that unhappy with how information is presented and the knowledge that people will use that information to reach terrible conclusions and also, as a weapon. I don’t believe contextless information does not have a cost. You know, because it does.

So yes! That’s me elsewhere for a bit. I’m such a terrible gob on legs.