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From the archive #5

Okay, so it wasn’t quite December 18th, but its been a busy time for us at Mersey Remakes – what with Oddbob becoming an admin at Retro Remakes and the preparations for Megatree being put into place – expect some news and a sneak preview on that soon.

In other news: Retroactive, the Retro Remakes magazine is now at its third issue and available to download from the media section. Its fresh, its new – and its superb.

We’ve also contributed some sound FX and levels to TCK’s excellent trippy bulletdodgefest Transversion. Its a fantastic game and with a hotly competed online score table. Go grab it…

Mersey Remakes in new game shocker!

Smila has just completed Aztec Challenge

An absolutely gorgeous remake of…Aztec Challenge! All the levels from the original have been lovingly recreated with some beautiful Smila-fied gfx. Top work indeed that man!

At the moment, Oddbobs working on The Megatree site for the collaborative project between Mersey Remakes and Scottigesoft. As soon as we’ve got all the content together – you can expect that to go live.

In the meantime, why not visit and show us your high score goodness in the Score Leaderboards?

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