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From the archive #4


The Retro Remakes 2004 Competition is drawing to a close now, so I guess its time to get back to the nitty gritty of site updates and useful stuff like that. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve been doing anything but resting on our laurels, despite a few personal setbacks timewise.

We’ve got a few nice games lined up for release for the first few days in October, due as soon as they’ve been uploaded to RR.

We’ve got Curse Of The Aztec Tomb, a remake of the old David Healey type in listing for the zx81 – original(ish) version sourced from the Rev Stu. A remake of Costa Panayi’s first opus – Android1, brought kicking and screaming into 2004. Smila’s also been hard at work with his version of Hawkeye, the C64 classic and yet another Jet Set Willy game: The Trash Of The Universe.

We’ve also provided graphical joy to a number of other remakes, the main character sprite for Jetmans Dad’s Stop The Express Remake, The title screen logo for Peejay’s The Birds And The Bee’s as well as giving him a head start on the graphics for his remake of Highway Encounter. We’ve sent a few things over to the Retro-Relevance camp for future releases. ( Some stockpiling of sprites ready for when GK’s had some r&r after the competition ) from tiny things like inbetweeny level screen’s for GK & Cheeky’s Potty Pidgeon remake to a tile set for Yars Revenge, a background screen and some other bits and bobs for a remake of Pete Cooke’s excellent Brainstorm and some may/may not be used stuff for an update of Jasons Gem. Scottige has been on the receiving end of some stuff for Moon Cresta and some work’s been done on the Knight Tyme graphics, at the moment – thats in a kind of limbo as neither of us can be bothered finishing it.

And we’d also like to say that we’re proud to contribute to the long overdue return of Space/Time remakes with a tileset for the Ultimate:Play The Game classic Trans Am. Go check it out, so far Darkside’s succeeding where others have failed in bringing this classic to life.

As if all that wasn’t enough to keep you in jollies for a good while, we’ve got some very special remakes planned for the near future – including the fabled Megatree project and the Atlantis classic – Sceptre Of Bagdad. Stay tuned for more information.


Mersey Remakes has given a home to Zonkers remake of Solomons Key. I’d hope that the game doesn’t require any explanation – its all blocks,fairies and wands, standard STompy territory really šŸ™‚ If ye like yer remakes, and ye like yer Solomons Key then erm…download this Solomons Key remake! Go on, you won’t feel too bad about it.


We’ve also found the time to add a few wallpapers to download in the Mersey Remakes media section. So, if you’re bored of your current desktop design – then why not check ’em out.


Well, not so much new, but definitely added. We’ve trawled the old Mersey Remakes Archives to see if there was any previous releases missing from our list and shock horror, we found that we were 2 short. Thanks to Flynn@Retro Remakes for finding one of the missing files for us and thanks to my messy hard drive for keeping the other one hidden. So, if you peek at the release archives, you can now find Bruce Lee2 and Wizball Breakout available to download.


Once again, you can check out some of the content of this site on the coverdisk of Retro Gamer magazine for those too lazy to be a downloading – so a big shout out to the RG team once again for showing impeccable taste. And besides – I don’t need to tell you this as you buy it anyway don’t you šŸ˜‰


Mersey Remakes’ very own Oddbob has just contibuted some sprites for Retro Relevance’s Aquarius, the game is available now from either Retro Relevance or mirrored here. You can download it by clicking on the bit which says “Aquarius” šŸ˜‰


New features on the site include a forum where you can leave comments on Mersey Remakes stuff – feel free to pop along and leave your musings,as well as the Mersey Remakes blog , which hopefully will contain both Oddbob’s personal musings as well as a Mersey Remakes development diary. You can also get in touch with us by the technological joys known as email should you so desire. Feel free to mail us with any queries which you feel can’t be expressed in the forum, but chances are – we’re more likely to reply to a forum post than an email, unless its something really important.

Well, thats enough waffle for now – I shall leave you to try some of our retro remakes and general bumphy things that we have lying around for your pleasure.


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