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From the archive #2


Yes, I’m back… :D. Thanks to the STompster for looking after the site in my absence. And have I been slacking? Have I f00k!! First up there’s BMX Racers for your perusal. Based on the admittedly lacklustre Mastertronic original, I’ve prettied it up, made the jumps a tad easier to negotiate and retained all the wonderful features of the original as well as slinging in some new stuff for good measure. There’s also a hidden game in there for any fans of Transfunctioner…yes,The Final Transfunction is secreted away inside. So don’t say I don’t give you anything,k. Get on your bike by clicking here!


As anyone who bothered to download the Moley Xmas demo after the 23rd of December might have noticed…it was no longer a demo!!! Sadly, my net connection carcked it ten minutes after uploading the dangit thing. So, I was unable to post any news about it. Well, I’ve updated it – took out those irritating midi files and replaced them with some very short ambient MP3’s, added the extra screens I originally planned to put in and generally niced it up a tad. So, give it a go!!


1 level of minature fun based on Manic Miner, don’t let the 1 level put you off – Its HUUUUUUGGGGGGGE … GRAB IT HERE


STompy here: Bob is very much alive and kicking, just unable to access the internet at the moment … he will be back SOON though 🙂 🙂


A couple of projects Mersey Remakes have contributed towards for you to peruse. Scottige’ VERY DIZZY XMAS featuring a title screen and the odd sprite you’ll come across in the castle by Mersey Remakes. 70 Rooms of laugh out loud arcade adventuring. Its been a long trawl for Scott to get this done, and its been worth every second of his time. So, stop reading this waffle and go and download it,k. Mersey Remakes have also supplied GeeKay with some gfx that were cluttering up Oddbob Towers for his remake of MUTANT MONTY, works only just began on this but it looks like one to definitely keep an eye on.


A 3 level demo of Moley Xmas is now available from this site. The game should be finished by the end of the week. Graphics by myself,Cheeky Monkey & Smila.


Mersey Remakes have produced a small animated christmas card, for your entertainment, as a little taster for the two forthcoming Xmas releases.


Thanks to everyone who downloaded Retro Active for the brief period that it was available. Sadly, due to excessive demand, we were forced to pull the files after less than a week due to bandwidth constraints. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect it to be that popular!!! So, thanks everyone. And for anyone who missed it, We’re toiling away on making sure that there’ll be an online edition available over the next few weeks. Keep checking back for news.


Mersey Remakes is proud to present Smila’s Retro Magazine Retro Active, produced in association with Retro Remakes. For a short period only, both the competition issue and the Xmas edition are available.


Jetmans Dad has just released a demo of his very first remake in GM, a version of the Bug Byte classic Spectres, with graphics supplied by Mersey Remakes. Only 4 levels in place at the moment,but well worth having a gander at.


Another in the range of Oddbob Pisstake games takes pride of place amongst the other Mersey Remakes projects. Take control of Neil, the arse rummaging hamster in his quest to keep Hitm4ns innards clean. Available from the downloads section,curiously enough.


The most esteemed Mr STompy has a stunning little Avril Lavigne ( don’t ask ) based game available from this site for you to download. Flaggy/Avril, its a simple but fun little thing and the sound effects had me near wetting my pants laughing. Do yourself a favour and grab it from the downloads section. I promise you won’t regret it.


Mersey Remakes are proud to announce their two Xmas projects, Ted Xmas is a special christmas themed Technician Ted game. Gamemaker users might be interested to know that the engine is available from the Gamemaker forum at ( see below for link ). Also coming soon is a rather special remake of Dropzone with graphics by Trevor Storey which hopefully should ETA around mid-December.


Starbase remakes has recently announced the first STompy & Oddbob co-production. A tribute to the ol’ Codemaster’s character Seymour. Starbase Seymour. Tenuous plot and details can be found in the projects section of the site

Other Oddbob contributions to recent projects include a title screen for Scottige’ Xmas Dizzy Remake,as well as the odd sprite here & there… not a major contribution as Scottige has done a wonderful job on the engine ( an upgraded version of his Dizzy’s Bad Day one – very nice! ). Other graphics contributions include a tileset for The Tokers Flag remake, which can be found at Retro Remakes under the programming tutorials section. Oddbob’s also done a bit of “under the bonnet” work on Normo’s Creatures remake. Again,nip on over to RR to the Work In Progress thread to find out how its coming on.


Retro Remakes now contains a Gamemaker forum for all users of Mark Overmars excellent Games Creation software, moderated by non other than yours truly. ( With able advice assistance courtesy of Sickfish and a number of other regulars ). So,if you’re interested in helping others with their GM creations or need help with your GM remake then why not nip on over, either myself or Sickfish are around most of the time to answer your questions or queries.

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